Medium Weight | 56 Inch Wide | Extra Soft

Belgian Washed Cream 4 - 100% Linen 7.5 Oz (Medium Weight | 56 Inch Wide | Pre Washed-Extra Soft) Solid/

$ 25.95
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Belgian_Cream-4 is in the Cream Color Family. The color description is: If beige had a drop of light yellow it would still look beige but not quite which is where this color was inspired from, a subtle masterpiece. . The content of this fabric is 100% Linen. The weight is approx 7.5 Oz

Depending on the weight the fabrics from our online fabric store can be used for DIY Sewing projects from upholstery to drapery to fashion apparel. You can create bedding, napkins, curtains, furniture,and home decor projects. Usually Light Weight fabrics are used for clothing and Heavy Weight fabrics are used for upholstery and drapery, while medium weight fabrics are All-Purpose.

This premium fabric has flax and yarn from premier countries and meets the highest environmental standards because it is inspected, treated, dyed, and washed in the USA.