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To The Trade Account:
Company Name
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Email: Support@InstaLinen.com  

How Much is Shipping to U.S. and Global?
WE SHIP SAMPLES WORLDWIDE + Yardage orders have a shipping cost of only 9% - 14% of the order value with Australia sometimes being higher. Shipping Page

Where is your linen manufactured?   

Our flax fibers come from different parts of Europe and our linen is dyed in the United States.

How long will it take for my order to ship? 
While we strive to ship out our goods the same day for orders received before 12:00pm EST, we may take 1-5 business days to ship out goods. 

Is your linen preshrunk?      
We do carry washed and unwashed versions of our products, Crisp (unwashed) and shrinkage is marginal.

Washing Instructions - Cold Water

Is your linen treated?                
No, all of our linen products are untreated.
What size are your samples?  
3 inch by 5 inch.

How many yards are in your bolt?      
Our bolt is considered 60 yards.

What are your To The Trade/Wholesale prices?    
For Trade/Wholesale inquiries you can request a form to fill out so that we may review and further assist you with any wholesale pricing at Support@instalinen.com

Can I place an order over the phone?               
We can gladly to take your orders through email or phone, but we do recommend that you should place your orders online, especially if they are time sensitive. The order will go directly to our warehouse. If you have any request for your order there is a note section on your check out for any specifics about your order.

Am I able to pick up my order at your location?       
We are an online only company so we do not allow any pickups.

Do you have a showroom?                    
We are online only at the moment but we are soon to open showrooms across the world. 

How long do I have to change or cancel an order once it has been placed?  
We recommend calling us as soon as possible so that there is no problem with any adjustments on your orders. Please advise that if for any reason there is a change on your original order (other than adjusting a shipping address, email address, or telephone number) we would need to fully refund the order and place and process a new payment

I don’t have a reseller’s license; can I still make a purchase?
Yes, our website is open to everyone with linen needs.

What is your return policy?                                  

Email:  Support@instaLinen.com

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Insta Linen believes in striving for excellence, not just on product and fabric quality, but also on top tier customer service and lightening fast shipping times. Our Mission is to be the best in all categories which is why our customer retention rate is 99.8%. 

We put our customer first and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our linen fabrics have been featured in projects for upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, bedding fabric, fashion and apparel fabric, and even Do It Yourself weddings. With a wide selection and extensive stock program our linen fabrics are reliable, timely, and affordable. 

New to buying fabric? We got you covered. Examine the weave of the fabric. While our proprietary close-knit fabric is one factor in our high quality control, other low quality fabrics have an "open-face" which means the threads are not tightly woven together and can cause slippage or a poor quality. 

Hundreds of colors in hundreds of linen fabrics. Our extensive Linen Fabric Store Online categorized each color by shade. For example, Blue 1 is our lightest shade and Blue 15 is our darkest shade of blue. Because colors and shades looks different on different fabrics, the Shade Number is specific to the fabric style. 

While our fabrics feature threads, yarn, and flax from the most exotic parts of the world, over 50% of the manufacturing process is in the USA. 


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