5 Reasons to Choose Linen Fabric This Spring

5 Reasons to Choose Linen Fabric This Spring


 Throughout history, linen has been treasured as an heirloom, having been used since the time of ancient Egypt for clothing and bedding. For centuries, antique linens have been handmade by artisans and have held great value.


 Linen is an all-natural fabric that is at once luxurious and practical. It’s an eco-friendly choice because it requires less water and fertilizer to produce than cotton and other fabrics. It’s also very versatile and durable, making it ideal for home decorating.

 If you want to give your home a fresh and luxurious look this spring, check out these tips for decorating with linen.

Vintage linen accents

 You may decide to repurpose vintage linen for window treatments, seat covers, or pillows. However you decide to incorporate it, vintage linen adds a touch of history and romance to any room.

Airy Window treatments

 Linen fabric is thick enough to hold its shape and drape well while remaining crisp and allowing light in. Replacing thick winter curtains with lightweight linen in spring can make your room look fresh and inviting. At the same time, linen’s rich textures complement just about any décor and add natural beauty and visual interest.


Springtime linen bedding

 Linen sheets are lightweight, making them very comfortable for the warmer months. Pure natural linen sheets help wick away moisture to reduce sweating. Also, they’re antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They feel amazing and they’ll get softer with every wash.

 Because linen sheets last up to twice as long as cotton sheets, they are a sound investment. When you buy linen sheets and you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

 Linen also makes a great quilting material. Whether made up of antique linen scraps or new material, linen quilts are casually elegant. In terms of functionality, linen quilts stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.


Freshen up the bathroom

 Linen is an excellent fabric for bathrooms because it absorbs moisture and is hypoallergenic. Linen shower curtains are ideal in damp environments because of Linen’s natural resistance to mold.

 Linen towels can absorb twenty times their weight in water and dry quickly afterward. They are thinner and lighter weight than their cotton counterparts, making them less bulky to store. Since sand doesn't stick to linen as much as it does with cotton, linen makes for a great beach towel.

Linen upholstery

 Linen’s durability and dirt repelling properties make it an ideal fabric for chair and sofa coverings. Linen fibers are very tightly woven, which helps linen upholstery resist dust, pollen, and staining. At the same time, the fabric is flexible and comfortable when in use.

 Linen also holds color well and resists fading. This makes linen the perfect choice for decorating because you can find a nearly infinite variety of prints and colors. Whatever your décor, you’ll be able to incorporate the beauty and practicality of linen into any room.

 If you’d like to learn more about the many ways that Linen can add form and function to the fabric profile of your home, visit Instalinen’s Linen Fabric Store Online for one of the most extensive stocks of high-grade quality, eco-friendly fabrics.



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