3 Benefits of Linen Fabric for Home Décor

linen fabric upholstery

People love to give new life to furnishings, spending over two billion dollars1 annually on repair and reupholstery. There are loads of choices among upholstery fabrics. However, linen offers some unique advantages.

The Ultimate for Upholstery

Linen fabric has been recognized around the world as one of the best textiles for its versatility, durability and most importantly, for its comfort. While largely considered a fabric for use in the apparel industry, the use of linen upholstery also has significant benefits.
  1. Clean and Safe

    Linen is regarded as one of the cleanest fabrics. It is considered to be hypoallergic since it only consists of natural fibers that are closely woven together. The tight weave will not trap pollen, dead skin cells, or any other allergenic material. Linen upholstery is a type oftextilethat can expand and retract. When not in use, the weave of linen is tightly contracted and will not collect dust, making it beneficial for people with all types of sensitivities to the environment.
  2. Countless Decorating Options

    Natural fibers like linen are more accepting to dyes than man-made fabrics. So, it’s no wonder that color takes extremely well to linen, allowing for deep, rich, saturatedhues. The texture of linen also allows for a great deal of depth in patterns and designs, making a wide range of prints on linen fabric available tosuit any style and budget requirements.
  3. Availability

    When choosing linen material for seating and drapery, it is essential to choose the appropriate weight for the appropriate project. Experts recommend heavy weight cloths for upholstery since they must withstand constant use.

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So, when it’s time to redecorate, give linen fabrics a good look for the ultimate in luxury and longevity.




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